Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dawn of the Space Age: The Philippine Premiere

During my school days, I was so fascinated with astronomy. In fact I dreamt of becoming an astronaut. Together with my grade school friends we were always talking of our objectives why we would like to be a space explorer. My interest about astronomy increased more when we studied more about space exploration and when I watched a planetarium show during our educational trip in Manila Planetarium way back in high school. But unfortunately that dream was just a dream. When I grew up I learned that it is not easy to become one, considering our financial capability and I find taking such related course is not practical. There is no money in astronomy in our country.

But after graduation, who would have thought that I will work as a planetarium operator in Science Discovery Center,the premier science center in the Philippines. And guess what I am now on my 3rd year exploring the universe through different planetarium shows.

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Tomorrow, Sept. 1, the Digistar Planetarium in Science Discovery Center is proud to present the public launching of one of the best and interesting planetarium show ever, the "Dawn of the Space Age".

If you think you've already learned everything about space exploration, I bet you, not everything! The show will reveal the facts that is not written in the books. Some of the hair-raising moments astronauts experienced in the space. What happened to Yuri Gagarin during his journey? Who is Alexei Leonov? What happened to him during his space walk? Who won the race to space? Discover Apollo 11. These and more when you watch Dawn of the Space Age.

Show Schedule:
Dawn of the Space Age
12:40 3:20 6:00 8:00

Other shows:
Seven Wonders
11:20 2:00 4:40 6:40 (9:20 if the center is open until 11PM)

Cosmic Collisions
12:00 2:40 5:20 7:20 (10:00 if the center is open until 12MN)

Stars of the Pharaohs
1:20 4:40 8:40

* Last ticket selling is 8:40 PM.

The NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center is located at the South Side of the Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Building, and is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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