Thursday, December 30, 2010

NomNom Foodie Club Christmas party with Kraft Eden Cheese's "Sarap ng Pasko"

Christmas Party is one of the most awaited part of the holiday season. This is where everybody prepares and shares their gifts and blessings for their friends and love ones, or even for someone you didn't know at all. Sharing something with other bloggers is one of the best part of the NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party that happened in Kraft Eden's Sarap ng Pasko Booth in Mall of Asia last December 1.

The said event is the first Christmas Party that I have attended. It was also participated by NomNom Foodie Club members and some winners from Boy Kuripot's Blog.

The event was headed by Jonel Uy, and (travel blog). He gave a short introduction of's highlights of 2010 and plans for 2011 while having our dinner prepared by Kraft Eden Cheese. It was a cheesy meal.:)

Awarding of Best in Christmas Attire, Best Gift and Best "Sarap ng Pasko" Blog ( where I was one of the 3 finalists ) was also given during the event. And of course it would not be called a Christmas Party if there is no traditional exchange gifts, or the so-called Monito Monita where the required gift should cost atleast P50. A raffle of different prizes was also conducted where everybody didnt go home empty-handed. The grand prize was sponsored by Samsung.

The event was co-sponsored by Geiser Maclang.

I really had fun mingling with other bloggers and meeting Boy Kuripot (Jeff Siy) personally, the one whom I should thank for after joining and winning some contests he posted in his blog. NomNom Foodie Club Christmas Party was very successful. Kudos to Jonel Uy.

Nomnom Club Plans for 2011

1. Community Food Tour hopefully by 2nd anniversary.
2. Launch of Blogger's Circle on January 1, 2011
*Through the purchase of a subdomain under the domain alias (
*With annual domain and webhost fee of P1500.00, benefits include automatic NBC membership with exclusive small-group technical seminars for advanced blogging techniques with SEO and exclusive invites to food events as food blog correspondent/representative.
*Membership subject to interview and approval.
3. "Top Commenter of the Month" contest continues throughout the year with quarterly announcement of winners.

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Winners of Muzikademy 2010

Happiest amongst all the music campers, Marla Planas, Jephone Petil and Slash and Burn Band emerged victorious in Muzikademy held last November 26-27 at Fontana Hot Spring and Leisure Parks in Freeport Zone, Pampanga.

Marla Planas, got the 3rd spot after singing her original composition entitled "What Can I Do" and singing a cover song "I Still believe In Loving You by Sarah Geronimo". She was born in Isabela and currently a 4th year student in New Era University taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance. According to her, she started composing song during her sophomore year. She already had 18 original compositions. Marla's main subject for her composition is about friendship, love, and inspirational. Her winning piece "What Can I Do" is the most requested song by her friends and cousins, that's the reason why she chose it as her entry in the Muzikademy. She is a big fan of Sarah Geronimo.

The Second Placer is Jephone Petil., a 26-year old call center agent in Makati made the audience sing along with him during the performance night with the very catching lyrics of his composition "Bahala Na Si Batman". He took up Networking In AMA-Las Piñas. According to Jephone, he composed his winning piece last March of this year. He loves to listen to the radio.

Slash and Burn Band was hailed the as the very first Grand Winner after their electrifying rock and roll performance of their original "Itaas Mo!" and their cover song "Long Rock and Roll by Matley Crue". "Last but not the least",that's how I will describe this group. Being the last performers in the competition, they made the audience shout and wake up as they were the last to perform at around 2AM in the morning. The band started in 2003. Band members are Gerald "Agie "Martinez (vocals), Martin Jose and Jan Clyde Polintan (guitar), Aaron Kevin Alocillo (bass), Gilbert "Burn" Martinez (drums). Agie and Burn are the remaining original member of the band while the others are new members.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Gathering of young minds sharing the same passion: Music".

That's Muzikademy is all about. Spearheaded and organized by Janice Hung, Wushu champion, actress, model and at the same time, a music enthusiast, co-presented by FONTANA HOT SPRING and LEISURE PARKS in cooperation with the SUMMA-HANA Arts and Language Foundation Inc. and JHAS Foundation, Inc, both non-stock and non-profit organizations devoted to the promotion, development and support of the arts.

Before the performance night, tips and guidelines in stage performance, technical aspects, workshop and seminar was shared by some of the country's famous musicians like Monette Silvestre of Pinoy Dream Academy.

Some exercises during the workshop were about the five basic emotions every musician must know. In the Emotion exercises, Team Love emerged among others after performing a "HARANA ACT". They received gift certificates worth five thousand pesos courtesy of Dental First. Another exercise was "Interpreting Emotion" where an act to the tune of "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig".

*The Judges

During the performance night, out of more than a hundred hopefuls, 19 groups of young musicians (solo, duet and band) battled out to win the prize worth more than 100,000 Pesos. The performers were asked to do their own composition to be followed by a cover song. Here are the list of the performers and the title of their original composition:

Firefly Parade (Dapit-hapon)
Vines and Tree (An Illustration)
Jephone Petil (Bahala na si Batman)
Alfred/Ericka Band (Ngayon Gabi)
Merimeropa (Sa Araw na Ito)
Marla Planas (What Can I Do)
Blueberry Cheesecake (Then)
Greece Dumdum (Nalilito)
Merick Ong (Di Na Bale)
La Trevo Band (Sama-sama)
On the Spot Band (Panalangin ng Hangin)
Bond Brothers (Ipakita ang Liwanag)
Pieces of Jane (Lakas ng Tagumpay)
Ken Kurosawa (Waiting)
Catherine Band (Catherine)
Julius Amoroso (Lady In My Dream)
Row Four (Freedom)
Adrian Apollo Ortega (Song of Summer)
Slash and Burn (Itaas Mo!)

Winners were announced the following day. The top 3 who emerged victorious were:

Third Placer: Marla Planas (solo)
Second Placer: Jephone Petil (solo)
Muzikademy Grand Winner: Sland and Burn (band)

(I will make a separate entry about the winners.)

After the awarding, two music artist were invited to speak about their life and to share tips about being a musician. It was started by Sam Concepcion who shared how he started and how he coped up with his life in showbiz industry. And follwed by the very engaging talk of McCoy Fundales of the former member of Orange and Lemons and now the lead vocalist of KENYO BAND. He shared tips on how to start a band, the do's and dont's as a musician, basic songwriting and the most important of all, DISCIPLINE as an artist. He was able to get the attention of everyone primarily because most of all the participants are band members. He then qouted being a musician/artist is "70% Attitude, 30% Skills".

Muzikademy's finale was a showcase of talents and performances. The opening was headed by Janice Hung doing Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Then Sam Concepcion's performance which truly attracted young teens and girls. Followed by the winning performances of Marla Planas, Jephone Petil and the grand winner, heavy rockers Slash and Burn doing their winning piece " Itaas Mo!" was truly applauded by the audience. A duet of Janice and Dasuri, a Korean performer wowed the audience. Another. The famous "Nobody" performance from Dasuri and other Korean pop girls once more made the audience dance. A melo rocking performance from Kenyo made the people enjoyed the night. They end their act singing his former band famous song and once became the anthem of the airwaves "Pinoy Ako."

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dear Readers,

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I know that helped me earned my very first Google Advertisement.

Maybe you have noticed some changes in my blog. That's because I want to make it appear as clear and as "understandable" as other blogs do. I would appreciate comments and suggestions oh how to improve my blog.

Next is that, I am still posting some old entries and events. I just find those backlogs very important (especially the events) though I am posting it so late. I already have drafts of those post It just that Its hard for me to click that PUBLISH button for I know it doesn't deserve yet to be published. Please bear with me because I've been very busy this past few months fixing some personal and career-realted things. And also, as some of you didn't know, I do not have my personal computer that's the reason why some of my friends dubbed me as "ANG BLOGGER NA WALANG COMPUTER".Expect more post (new and old) to come and thank you for still visiting my blog.

-darwin, ang blogger na walang computer

Who is Pier Roxas? (My Version of the Story)

Click to see the winner.

Pier Roxas spent most of his time in the States after high school graduation. He took his collge education there and work there. He then decided to go back to the Philippines to visit relatives, closest friends and even his childhood crush, Carla. He cant hide his excitement for after a few years of online communication, he will now have the chance to meet them personally. Upon arrival in the airport, he was welcome by his childhood nanny, Aling Tesing. He gave her a warm hug and kiss. That's how sweet Pier is. Before going home, he asked Aling Tesing if they can head first to the mall to buy a mobile phone. N8 catches his attention because of his awesome features, he bought it together a Smart Gold SIM.

In their house, he was surprisely welcome by his relatives and friends, including Carla. Carla still remains charming and beautiful. She is still gorgeous as she was before. Pier cant talk much as he was surprised with how his childhood crush looks now. They talk a little bit, exchange numbers then joined their friends while having some drinks. He then asks for his friends contact numbers.They had fun reminiscing the past, their first crush, their basketball team, their terror teachers and everything of their high school memories. Olga, one of their friends, who has a great affection to Pier is also in the party. She once became Pier's girlfriend. She was trying to seduce Pier that time. But Pier never minds Olga presence for he is then attracted to Carla.

After the party, he decided to drive for Carla and Olga since both girls are living in the same village. He first send Carla then Olga. But Olga refused to go down the car and invited Pier to go in bar instead. He declined Olga's offer because he promised a lunch date for Carla. But Olga is so persistent, so to avoid a long conversation, he goes but only for an hour or two since its almost midnight.

Since the parking lot for the bar's guest is already full, they decided to go to the nearest parking area where he paid for the parking fee. Upon receiving the parking ticket, Olga hurriedly go down the car and pulled Pier in the bar. At the bar, Olga still asking Pier to go back with her. But everytime Olga is talking about their past, Pier keeps driving the topic away asking some other things. But Olga is so persistent. She grabbed Pier's clothes to kiss him. When Olga is about to catch his lips, he pulled the girl towards his shoulder quickly, accidentally kissing his collar. Pier did that because a man is about to approach them. That man is Olga's boyfriend. Without anything else to say, the man punched Pier's face. Because Pier is already drunk and tired, he fell down on the floor and fell asleep. He was not able to fight back. The man quickly run after the incident because some security guards are about to catch him. Olga hurriedly call for help. She asks the bar's waiter to help her carry Pier to the taxi. She dont know how to drive, so instead of getting Pier's car, Olga brings him in the nearest hotel.

Indeed, Olga is a bitch. She didnt do anything to Pier, but she wanted to ruin the man's date with Carla, so before she leaves, she gets Pier's wallet and erase all the contacts in his phone, and puts a duplicate key of her condo. When Pier woke up, he didnt know where he is. He moves out the hotel, cross the street, and found himself along Roxas Blvd.

Here are the other finalists.

Photo credit to

Winners' Night @ Wendy's

It was a night of full of fun and sharing during the awarding of winners in Mr. Jayson Biadog's contest entitled Winners Place: Share Your Winning Stories last November 9 in Wendy's Boni Ave. Branch.

The said event was also attended by different bloggers who participated in the said contest. Ten bloggers emerged victorious in the contest after sharing their unique and exciting stories of their journey, struggle and how they were able to cope up with hindrances and barriers just to achieve their goals and dreams and eventually win the battle called life.

Its also served as the perfect venue to share blogging experience and tips especially to a newbie blogger like me. Two of those were Jonel Uy of and and Ms. Janette Toral who unselfishly shared some tips and updates related to blogging. There were also raffles and photo op. Food was sponsored by Wendy's Hamburger.

No one goes home empty-handed for everyone received a giveaways courtesy Wendys.

Indeed, the night was filled with fun, excitement and new-found friends.

*Event happened last Nov. 9, 2010.

Thursday, December 23, 2010



Its time to be thankful for all the blessings that we have received this year. It is also time to share what we have for our love ones and friends, or even strangers you will meet in the street. A smile and a prayer for them is a big enough..

Don't forget the real reason why we are celebrating these season...Its because of HIM, above there...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SciFi-Themed Party @ Science Discovery Center

Best In Costume Winners (left to right; Yours truly, Celliene, Kat, Harvey)

"Science meets imagination".That's all I can say in our Halloween Event..

Science Fiction is this year's Halloween Costume Party At Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. All employees including superiors were dressed up with their favorite science fiction characters as their way to entertain guests and visitors.

"Warriors of the Earth"

The employee's costume was also judge based on the criteria/mechanics.The Best in Costume awardee received a cash prize and a bragging rights for one year..hahaha!!!

There were also some exciting prizes for the kids. Whoever gets the right answer for the "HUNT FOR BLURB" contest received limited edition tumbler and a loot bags courtesy of SMI (Sagittarius Mining Inc.)

I won the Best in Costume- Male Category. Other winners include Kat Talusan Best In Costume Female Category and Runner-ups includes Celliene Mangubat and Harvey Cabardo
I won the Best in Costume 2010, Prize includes Cash and Bragging rights

It was a fun and exciting two-day event only in Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center "Tomorrow's Technolgy Today"

Aren't a boyband...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winila: Manila's Newest Online Shopping Experience

Launch just this year, Winila is another breakthrough in Manila's online shopping experience that continuously focusing in their goal which is to serve the public with latest technology gadgets, games, accessories, and lifestyle products in a very affordable price and great savings. Winila is also trying to be a consumer-friendly entertainment-shopping channel to serve the people better specifically its consumer.

Another good thing about Winila is that you can buy products directly for the standard price. You can also bid for the product you want and eventually gain huge savings which can be up to 95%.

How does the bidding goes?

In order to bid, you need to choose and buy a bid package first. Bid packages vary from 20 to 500 bids. Each bid costs $0.50, or €0.50, or PHP 10. Their bid packages vary between 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids.

All placed bids on your desired products raised the price and add time to the clock.

You win the product if you are the final bidder when the clock hits zero.

With the BUY NOW functionality you can purchase the product for a discount equal to the value of the bids you put towards that auction.

For more information about Winila please log on and sign up for FREE in their website

So start a hassle-free shopping now!

Do you still have more questions in your mind about Winila? Why not check their FAQ Page.

How about the bidders experience? Click the photo to enlarge.

Maybe you want to get free 200 worth of load credit? Check Mr. Jayson Biadog's Blog, Click here.

You may also find this videos useful to know more about Winila.

Winila VIP interview with Papa

Trailer Mike Ferrer Winila interview

Winila VIP interview with Mike Ferrer

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

KRAFT EDEN's 100 Days Of Christmas

Twenty five days to go and the long wait is over. Christmas is just around the corner. I have seen a lot of giant and colorful Christmas trees anywhere. Classic and new Christmas songs are playing in the air waves. Bazaars or tiangge is also everywhere. But perhaps the biggest and most important of all which I think best describes and completes this holiday season is the feast of different foods and delicacies. Who among us didn't know puto bumbong at salabat? How about puto, spaghetti, salads, anything you ask, Filipino families have it in their tables during noche buena.

But what makes this year more special is that when I heard of Eden’s Sarap ng Pasko: 100 Days of Christmas. Launched last September this year, Krafts invites every Filipinos to participate in their 100 Towns. 100 Dishes. 100 Days of Celebration

I am glad after knowing that some towns in my home province is competing to win almost 2 million worth of prizes, TAX FREE!

One Home partner will be drawn from the entries who voted for the Winning Town. The Home partner winner will receive the amount of One Hundred Thousand Pesos. Isn't that cool? You might be the lucky home partner. Vote now and you might get your early Christmas Gift.

Among those Batangas towns are Balayan, Cuenca, San Jose, Lemery, Bauan, Tanauan and my hometown Talisay. Good Luck Batangas!!!Ala eh! Kailangan nating manalo! Di ga!?

Some bloggers featured our province like Jonel Uy's

LetsGoSago's Bauan, Batangas' Vegeden


1. Buy one Eden 35g, 180g or 450g pack at any supermarkets, public market stalls, groceries, convenience stores or sari sari stores nationwide.
2. Write the following information on a piece of paper attached to one (1) empty Eden pack size:
a. Name of Favorite Featured Town
b. Name of Eden Dish for that Town
c. Name
d. Age
e. Complete Address
f. Contact Numbers
g. Signature

Submit entries at Drop Boxes within participating Towns or mail entries to

Prime Cast Event Concepts Plus, Inc.
Lower Ground Level, Grayline Ventures Building,
14 Arayat St. Boni, Mandaluyong City


ABS CBN Foundation Inc.
ELJ Communications Building
Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City

Deadline for Submission of Entries is on December 2, 2010.

Fore more info please log on to