Monday, June 25, 2012

How do Energizer and Nuffnang Power My Lifestyle?

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through keeping my thoughts positively and believing that anything is possible when you work hard for it.”

I am a traveler. And I never thought that this childhood dream would one day turn into a reality. I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth, so I almost trash that dream of traveling when I was growing. Instead, I focused more on the practical things to live, setting aside traveling which back then I already considered a luxury. I studied hard, got scholarships, graduated, and was able to get a good job. But another passion also keeps on whispering me, and that is writing. I was not able to take the course that I preferred which is journalism for the scholarship I got back then only required science-related courses only, thus I took engineering.

I was then introduced to blogging, which I find an alternative way of communication. Even if being an Engineer is my profession now, I can still continue my passion to write (part of being a journalist). Little did I know that blogging, would eventually turned my first dream into stark reality. I joined a writing contest sponsored by an airline company which prize includes a grand all-expense-paid trip. Out of more than a hundred finalists, I was lucky to be chosen as one of the winners, I am more than happy to find out that it was the judges choice also. And from the said trip, I met a lot of travelers, who eventually became my friends and travel buddies. Oh! before I forget, did you know that also because of blogging, somehow I can make money online to support some of my trips.

Let me tell you a short story of my first ever solo trip in Sagada. I didnt know what came into my mind that all of a sudden I packed my bag, reserve a bus ticket and when to Mountain Province. I left Manila at midnight, weather is perfectly fine. But when I arrived in Baguio, the strong rain suddenly fell. The bus going to Sagada was cancelled but there's one that already arrived. I took my chance, chased the bus through a cab and fortunately caught in La Trinidad. I was happy. But little did i know, there was a typhoon, landslides and rockfalls were occurring along the way. It was an epic but scary journey. I arrived safe. When I checked in, there was no electricity. Good thing I have my flashlight which lighted my room and it was also what I used during my caving journeys (spelunking). The battery I was using that time is Energizer. It was very reliable. I was able to use it for a couple of days.

See, a dream can be real if you will just believe and work hard for it. Every thing can be real if you will be optimistic and never let negative things ruin you. And also, everything will come on the right time. Great things come to those people who know how to wait.

Be energized! Be Positive!

Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Outbreak BGC on July 28

"Its harder to run form what you cant see."

If you have missed the previous "Outbreak", then this is your chance to experience how to run for your life. Outbreak BGC is more exciting compare to the first one because it will happen at "night". Imagine you'll never know where will the zombies will come out. So mark your calendar on July 28, 2012, be terrified and run at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Visit for more info.

Are you excited or scared?

*The photo and video that appear in this post is own by Outbreak Manila.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley Fight Meme

After the unexpected and shocking revelation that Bradley won over the pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao, there were lots of funny memes that spread out in different social networking sites. Some even relate it to other issues like those in the senate and the fight by a celebrity couple with a journalist. See below.
Photo by Showbiz Government

Photo by Freely Amigo

Photo by Jose Emmanuel Cubil

Photo by Lavern Tan
Photo by R. Cutaran

Bradley Wins Over Pacquiao : Controversial Split Decision???

What the judges score cards say? 115-113!

Bradley won over Pacquiao via "controversial" split decision?

Reactions from the netizen!

"Bradley won 115-113 on two scorecards, while losing by the same margin on the third. The decision was roundly booed by the crowd at the MGM Grand arena.

Pacquiao never put Bradley down, but hurt him in the early rounds and landed the harder and cleaner punches throughout the fight. Bradley fought well in spurts and tried desperately to take the fight to Pacquiao, and scored enough points with the judges to win the 147-pound title."

Manny Pacquiao: I believe I won the fight!

Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to paquiao right after the decision.

I can't believe this!!!! I'm depressed! Manny Pacquiao lost to Bradley????

Wow. OMG. Manny loses. I can't believe I'm saying that. Manny Pacquiao just lost to Timothy Bradley. Wow. OMG.

I think I may never take boxing seriously again after that horrible decision against manny pacquiao. Manny freaking won that fight!!!!!

Manny Pacquiao's first lost since 2005! I'm shocked. I hate these commentators!! ☹ SHUT UP!

Friday, June 8, 2012

P450 For All Ages at The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum has good news to all. They will be making adult entrance free of P600 to student rate of P450 by simply answering this question "What would you like to invent and why?", record it and send it to You may read the poster below for the complete details.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1st Manila Folding Bike Festival (23-Jun-12)

Folding Bike Pilipinas (Fbp), Yadu, Dakila, Bside and Jam88.3 present the 1st Manila Folding Bike Festival at The Collective in Malugay St. Makati this June 23, 2012,7am to 8pm.

The festival aims to raise awareness on the use of folding bikes. There will be folding bike clinics, contests, blessing, exhibits, raffle and other activities for folding bike users.

The festival is divided into three programs: Padyak from 7AM to 10AM for assembly ride and bike blessing; Pista from 10AM to 6PM for the contest, raffles, bike clinic and exhibit; and Pagkakaisa from 6PM  to 8PM for the awarding, concert and after party.

Registration fee is P50.00 on site. Everyone is invited!

Fold your bike and unfold a green world!
For inquiries and other concern, please contact FBP through

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