Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey Abrams gets SAVED! (American Idol Season 10)

Perhaps one of the best moment in American Idol, Casey Adams was saved by the judges from being eliminated in this season's competition. Aside from the judges, his co-contestants was surprised when Stefano's name was called and saved.

Casey looked sad and disappointed, but it seems like he gathered all his courage to sing for the Judges' Save. He sang "I Don't Need No Doctor,", but the judges cut him off mid song. He then started to get scared more, but when the judges used their only save for this season, he receives more applause and screams.

"We know who we you are, we don't need to see you sing any more," Randy Jackson said.

Then Steven Tyler spoke: "This is crazy wrong! We've made a decision to keep you on!"

Among the three finalist in the bottom three were Stefano Langone, Thia Megia and Casey.

It only means that two finalists will get eliminated next week but 11 will go out for tour instead of 10.

Watched the video to see the surprising moment.

Video by Eagle0watch7dv

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  1. i'm so glad they kept Casey; if he gets voted off my motivation for watching Idol will be gone


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