Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like. Share. Fly...to SINGAPORE!

Disclaimer: This post was copied to TAG Event Concepts. All texts and photo are from their Facebook Fanpage.

Detailed Promo Mechanics

Firstly, WHAT ARE THE PRIZES that the WINNER will get?
- Two (2) round trip air tickets Manila-Singapore-Manila or v.v.
- Two (2) nights hotel accommodation for TWO at a 3-star hotel in Singapore

1. Who can join?
All qualified Facebook users who “liked” the TAG Event Concepts Facebook page until 15th April 2011, 11:59 pm Manila/Singapore time. A qualified Facebook user is a real person who has his real name or nickname and real last name as Facebook username. You should NOT have "unliked" the page by the raffle draw date.

*To “like”, go to www.facebook.com/tageventconcepts then click “like”.

2. After I "like", what should I do?
On the wall of TAG Event Concepts, look for the post entitled "Like. Share. Fly...to SINGAPORE! Raffle Promo - Mechanics". This was posted on Thursday (March 24) at 14:36 Singapore/Manila time; time won't be the same if you're located elsewhere or your PC is set for another timezone.
Click “share”.

3. Just "share"?
No. Write an "intro" that starts with "I want to win a free trip to Singapore because..."
Then click "post". After you click "post", it should appear on your own wall.

4. That's it?
No. Email us a screen shot of your wall, at info@tageventconcepts.com.

Because we will NOT know that you shared it if you don't email us. Also, your email will tell us that you really want to join the raffle.

Uh, how do I take a screen shot of my wall?
While your computer screen is showing your Facebook wall, press "Ctrl+PrtSc" on your key board. Then go to Word (or Paint, etc) then click "Paste".
Your screenshot should clearly show your Facebook username and the required wall post.

What else should I indicate in my email?
Please indicate your complete name and contact number on your email. Only one entry per person.

When's the deadline?
April 15, 2011 at 11:59 pm Manila/Singapore time. Emails received after that will not be included in the raffle.

5. The winner will be chosen via electronic raffle.

6. Raffle draw: The electronic raffle draw will be on April 22. It will be done in the presence of a certified public accountant. Final time and venue to be announced later.

7. All Prizes are tax free. Tax will be shouldered by TAG Event Concepts.

8. The winner will be notified via phonecall and a direct email from info@tageventconcepts.com. The email will be sent to the email address used in submitting the screenshot. The winner’s name will be announced on the TAG Event Concepts' wall. He/she will also be featured on the event’s website (short article or interview).

9. Within 7 days of notification, the winner should "reply" to info@tageventconcepts.com and give us the complete names of the 2 persons who will use the air tickets.

10. To arrange the flights, the winner or his authorized representative should meet with a TAG Event Concepts representative, also within 7 days of notification. He should present photocopies of the 2 passports and sign in to confirm these persons’ eligibility to fly to Singapore on the dates set by TAG Event Concepts (June 3-5) or any date within the next 6 months. He should also provide other information required in booking tickets.

11. Winners without valid passports will not be awarded the tickets. Passports should be valid until 6 months after date of entry to Singapore.

12. Employees of TAG Event Concepts, and any of its official partners and sponsors, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

13. Prizes are not convertible to cash.

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