Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Gathering of young minds sharing the same passion: Music".

That's Muzikademy is all about. Spearheaded and organized by Janice Hung, Wushu champion, actress, model and at the same time, a music enthusiast, co-presented by FONTANA HOT SPRING and LEISURE PARKS in cooperation with the SUMMA-HANA Arts and Language Foundation Inc. and JHAS Foundation, Inc, both non-stock and non-profit organizations devoted to the promotion, development and support of the arts.

Before the performance night, tips and guidelines in stage performance, technical aspects, workshop and seminar was shared by some of the country's famous musicians like Monette Silvestre of Pinoy Dream Academy.

Some exercises during the workshop were about the five basic emotions every musician must know. In the Emotion exercises, Team Love emerged among others after performing a "HARANA ACT". They received gift certificates worth five thousand pesos courtesy of Dental First. Another exercise was "Interpreting Emotion" where an act to the tune of "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig".

*The Judges

During the performance night, out of more than a hundred hopefuls, 19 groups of young musicians (solo, duet and band) battled out to win the prize worth more than 100,000 Pesos. The performers were asked to do their own composition to be followed by a cover song. Here are the list of the performers and the title of their original composition:

Firefly Parade (Dapit-hapon)
Vines and Tree (An Illustration)
Jephone Petil (Bahala na si Batman)
Alfred/Ericka Band (Ngayon Gabi)
Merimeropa (Sa Araw na Ito)
Marla Planas (What Can I Do)
Blueberry Cheesecake (Then)
Greece Dumdum (Nalilito)
Merick Ong (Di Na Bale)
La Trevo Band (Sama-sama)
On the Spot Band (Panalangin ng Hangin)
Bond Brothers (Ipakita ang Liwanag)
Pieces of Jane (Lakas ng Tagumpay)
Ken Kurosawa (Waiting)
Catherine Band (Catherine)
Julius Amoroso (Lady In My Dream)
Row Four (Freedom)
Adrian Apollo Ortega (Song of Summer)
Slash and Burn (Itaas Mo!)

Winners were announced the following day. The top 3 who emerged victorious were:

Third Placer: Marla Planas (solo)
Second Placer: Jephone Petil (solo)
Muzikademy Grand Winner: Sland and Burn (band)

(I will make a separate entry about the winners.)

After the awarding, two music artist were invited to speak about their life and to share tips about being a musician. It was started by Sam Concepcion who shared how he started and how he coped up with his life in showbiz industry. And follwed by the very engaging talk of McCoy Fundales of the former member of Orange and Lemons and now the lead vocalist of KENYO BAND. He shared tips on how to start a band, the do's and dont's as a musician, basic songwriting and the most important of all, DISCIPLINE as an artist. He was able to get the attention of everyone primarily because most of all the participants are band members. He then qouted being a musician/artist is "70% Attitude, 30% Skills".

Muzikademy's finale was a showcase of talents and performances. The opening was headed by Janice Hung doing Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Then Sam Concepcion's performance which truly attracted young teens and girls. Followed by the winning performances of Marla Planas, Jephone Petil and the grand winner, heavy rockers Slash and Burn doing their winning piece " Itaas Mo!" was truly applauded by the audience. A duet of Janice and Dasuri, a Korean performer wowed the audience. Another. The famous "Nobody" performance from Dasuri and other Korean pop girls once more made the audience dance. A melo rocking performance from Kenyo made the people enjoyed the night. They end their act singing his former band famous song and once became the anthem of the airwaves "Pinoy Ako."


  1. cool post about Muzikademy. I wish I could have attended the event too. I hope they do this event every year to give chance to more participants.

  2. marla desiree planasJanuary 7, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    wow.. nice blog poh... marla planas here of muzikademy..

  3. wow , meron palang ganito :)) kaso mali name ng band namin .. we are the "vines and tree" band :D

  4. thanks Alec for the correction...


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