Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who is Pier Roxas? (My Version of the Story)

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Pier Roxas spent most of his time in the States after high school graduation. He took his collge education there and work there. He then decided to go back to the Philippines to visit relatives, closest friends and even his childhood crush, Carla. He cant hide his excitement for after a few years of online communication, he will now have the chance to meet them personally. Upon arrival in the airport, he was welcome by his childhood nanny, Aling Tesing. He gave her a warm hug and kiss. That's how sweet Pier is. Before going home, he asked Aling Tesing if they can head first to the mall to buy a mobile phone. N8 catches his attention because of his awesome features, he bought it together a Smart Gold SIM.

In their house, he was surprisely welcome by his relatives and friends, including Carla. Carla still remains charming and beautiful. She is still gorgeous as she was before. Pier cant talk much as he was surprised with how his childhood crush looks now. They talk a little bit, exchange numbers then joined their friends while having some drinks. He then asks for his friends contact numbers.They had fun reminiscing the past, their first crush, their basketball team, their terror teachers and everything of their high school memories. Olga, one of their friends, who has a great affection to Pier is also in the party. She once became Pier's girlfriend. She was trying to seduce Pier that time. But Pier never minds Olga presence for he is then attracted to Carla.

After the party, he decided to drive for Carla and Olga since both girls are living in the same village. He first send Carla then Olga. But Olga refused to go down the car and invited Pier to go in bar instead. He declined Olga's offer because he promised a lunch date for Carla. But Olga is so persistent, so to avoid a long conversation, he goes but only for an hour or two since its almost midnight.

Since the parking lot for the bar's guest is already full, they decided to go to the nearest parking area where he paid for the parking fee. Upon receiving the parking ticket, Olga hurriedly go down the car and pulled Pier in the bar. At the bar, Olga still asking Pier to go back with her. But everytime Olga is talking about their past, Pier keeps driving the topic away asking some other things. But Olga is so persistent. She grabbed Pier's clothes to kiss him. When Olga is about to catch his lips, he pulled the girl towards his shoulder quickly, accidentally kissing his collar. Pier did that because a man is about to approach them. That man is Olga's boyfriend. Without anything else to say, the man punched Pier's face. Because Pier is already drunk and tired, he fell down on the floor and fell asleep. He was not able to fight back. The man quickly run after the incident because some security guards are about to catch him. Olga hurriedly call for help. She asks the bar's waiter to help her carry Pier to the taxi. She dont know how to drive, so instead of getting Pier's car, Olga brings him in the nearest hotel.

Indeed, Olga is a bitch. She didnt do anything to Pier, but she wanted to ruin the man's date with Carla, so before she leaves, she gets Pier's wallet and erase all the contacts in his phone, and puts a duplicate key of her condo. When Pier woke up, he didnt know where he is. He moves out the hotel, cross the street, and found himself along Roxas Blvd.

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