Monday, March 21, 2011

I am Confused, I Need to be Really Connected with the Whole World

I was lost. I found myself in the middle of nowhere. I was confused.

After the painful death of my beloved father. I never thought about the time I would have to step into my own father's shoes. He was always there to fill them. Then suddenly, he wasn't. And now I have had to step into them. I didn't feel prepared for the role, but I have to. Now I clearly understand how it is to be the father. What it takes to be the head of the family. It is all about self-sacrifice. Sacrifice for the people you value and love the most. As the eldest, I need to show my Mom and my siblings how strong I am, even deep in my heart, I am totally broken and grieving.

Last January I finally ended up my more than 3 years of employment in one of the biggest and I dare say, the richest company in the Philippines. I just get bored of the things that I am doing. I felt like I really need to go out of the shell, explore beyond my comfort zone and dare my self to risk and try other things I havent done before. In the past few weeks before I resign,I had been so skeptical whether or not to quit my job. I consider my family who is looking forward for my support, but something was still bothering me.

It so hard for me to come up with a very quick decision. Until one day, I saw myself composing a resignation letter, something I havent thought to happen that fast. After being a corporate slave for some years, I finally rendered my resignation. I wasnt able to inform and say goodbye to most people who became part of my life in the office.I felt really sad because they were the people I'd been hanging out with since God-knows-when and I considered all of them as my family here in Manila. I was so unfair. I was really confused. I was bothered.

I found a new job, way way far and better from my previous one. I'm earning more compare to my previous one, having weekend restdays, and receiving more benefits. But still I felt incomplete and unfulfilled. Plus inferiority complex was striking me once again. I started to lost my interest. Im getting lazy. I easily get bored again. I'm over dealing with numbers and drawings, I was troubled meeting the deadlines. I reported to work always late. Being advised in front of my officemates (because I deserve it). I still had a lot of pending tasks to finish and I really didn’t want to leave it as pending but I was too damn tired and lazy to finish it. I’m also wasting the company’s resources because most of the time, I’m doing nothing rather than finishing my tasks. I have assignments that was suppose to be done for a day only, but it took me, sometimes, more than a week to finish.

I felt like insanity is spreading out in my head. I was lost. I didnt know where to go. But I have to survive and face the world with courage and strength. I need to start. But i do not know how will start the change I want. Suddenly, I found myself alone. I tried to balance everything. I need to know what really matters to me, what really I want and what i really want to do.

I tried to detach myself from the usual surroundings. I met some people along the way who really helped me. It was really a perfect timing that they arrived when Im almost torn into pieces. They were the ones who build me up again.

I had the chance to travel after winning an online contest. There I met some travel bloggers. I was inspired by their stories and photographs along the roads. I was influenced to start up a travel blog.

I learned that there so much more beyond, so much things to see and experience. I learned that life is way way far from what I expected.

With travel blogging I was able to express my thoughts, share my experience on places and people. I understand cultures and traditions. I now seeing natures more than I saw them in books when I was studying. The street have became my classrooms and the strangers became my teachers. It thought me the real meaning of life and how you should deal with it.

Since I am into blogging, I should honestly confess, I do not have my own computer (looking forward to have one, when? that I dont know!), I just had a company owned-laptop which they let me bring at home. But still I am into another problem, I do not have any internet connection at home. I really need to go on wifi zone just to go online which I find very unpractical. It wastes much of my time. During out of towns when I need to connect to the internet to update my friends on where I am and to publish my post, I still need to hunt for some wifi zones which in most places I go is unavailable.

Its very essential for a new traveler like me to read other blogs and travel journals to get an updated ideas compare to books which some information was published long before. Internet is very useful to scout places, formulate itineraries and communicate with other travelers easily to gather enough information. With just a click you will get tons of the information you want.

I now realized, its time for me to get a personal broadband connection. I've been searching and asking internet users of what is the best broadband connection. I have also seen some advertisements promising and claiming they've got the best and fastest connection. But after purchasing, it will fail your expectation. I know some of my friends complaining about broadband connection that they are using. One time I saw my nephew, sitting near by the window in the second floor of their house only to find out that she was looking for some signal to connect. Indeed, it wasted their money.

NOW is the perfect time for me to subscribe to SMART BRO UNLIMITED HOME Broadband Promo Plan 999 or 1995 because of all the amazing freebies I will mention next. The offer may not happen again so we must have to grab the opportunity now.

Freebies for subscribing to this plan includes
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With the SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband, they will get consistent surf speed and stable signal.

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  1. cool post! as they say life is one big journey, whether in the real world or online. Smart BRO can help build bridges to our adventures online, specially if we plan to travel more.

    good luck to us! :)

  2. nice reading plus great photos. good luck Dar! :-)

  3. @rdnofera, tama!

    @Sir Richard, Thanks Sir

    @Justin Bieber Never Say Never, Thanks!

  4. nice Darwin! sarap mag zipline..hahaha at nakuha mu pa mgvideo ah..hehe keep up the GOOD WORK!!!celliene hir...^^,

  5. nice advertisement for Smart BRO! I sure you will get one soon. goodluck on your trips and keep practicing those keep getting better and better...=)

  6. advertisement pla kala q inspirational story..hehe..

  7. Subscribe na sa SmartBro! :)

  8. traveling is my magic pill to everyday chaos too!
    It's always nice to have a relaxing surrounding and a change of atmosphere after a few months imprisonment at my cubicle.
    Also it is always cool to be constantly connected to the world via internet - and that's an awesome deal from SmartBro I must say.

  9. Thanks Anonymous, kung sino man kayo salamat sa pagbabasa...

    Thanks Celliene, yap sarap magzipline, natakot nga ako baka mahulog camera..hehe!hindi nga sya nahulog sa tagaytay, nasira naman sa Puerto Galera.

    @alvin, Thanks

    @yodz, sobra talaga sarap magtravel,


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