Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr. and Ms. Philippines Models 1st Edition

Who will be the First Filipino to represent the country in the prestigious Mr. Universe Model?

Male and Female
atleast 5'6" in height (female)
atleast 5'9" in height for male
Outstanding body built and aura
with good moral character
At least a High school Graduate

Press Presentation:
April 3, 2011 5PM
Acropolis Green Clubhouse, Eastwood City

Main Event:
April 9, 2011 7PM
UP Film, Diliman, Quezon City

For more details please contact:

For online application visit


  1. well done and good luck to all candidates

  2. So, did Precious Anne Medina already paid you guys, or are you still looking for her/him? Goodluck.

  3. I thought you were among those who got ripped. A friend of mine, Edward Vicente has been looking for Precious Anne Medina after the event. Her Fb account, the website, all gone. I managed to read up on some blog posts like yours and I thought might as well try to get some info. Thanks!

  4. Hi Just want to ask if who won this Mr/Ms Universe Model? Thanks.

    Current Events in Philippines

  5. Hi I just want to ask if who won the title of Mr. and Ms. Philippines Models 1st Edition? Thanks.

    Mr. and Ms. Philippines Models 1st Edition

  6. Hi arielle, i actually have no idea of who won, i just saw this over the internet and post it in my blog, you may try to visit their website for information. Sorry if i cant help you.


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