Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winila: Manila's Newest Online Shopping Experience

Launch just this year, Winila is another breakthrough in Manila's online shopping experience that continuously focusing in their goal which is to serve the public with latest technology gadgets, games, accessories, and lifestyle products in a very affordable price and great savings. Winila is also trying to be a consumer-friendly entertainment-shopping channel to serve the people better specifically its consumer.

Another good thing about Winila is that you can buy products directly for the standard price. You can also bid for the product you want and eventually gain huge savings which can be up to 95%.

How does the bidding goes?

In order to bid, you need to choose and buy a bid package first. Bid packages vary from 20 to 500 bids. Each bid costs $0.50, or €0.50, or PHP 10. Their bid packages vary between 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids.

All placed bids on your desired products raised the price and add time to the clock.

You win the product if you are the final bidder when the clock hits zero.

With the BUY NOW functionality you can purchase the product for a discount equal to the value of the bids you put towards that auction.

For more information about Winila please log on and sign up for FREE in their website

So start a hassle-free shopping now!

Do you still have more questions in your mind about Winila? Why not check their FAQ Page.

How about the bidders experience? Click the photo to enlarge.

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  1. I really love online shopping, I hope this new online shop will become successful.

  2. cool post!!!.... now i know more informations about winila


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