Friday, October 29, 2010

Goldilocks Pagbabago Contest Awarding

My much-awaited Goldilocks' "Pagbabago" Contest was held last week at the Goldilocks Shaw Blvd. It was a very memorable event for me because it was the first bloggers' event that I have attended. I was thinking not to attend at first because I was hesitant of other bloggers who are already famous in the scene. I felt shy to mingle with them. But there was something pushing me to go on and head my way at the venue. I was welcome warmly by Ms. Trixie and she gave me a DYC kit (Decorate-Your-Cake)while waiting for the other attendees and while the dinner is being prepared.
Tables were almost full but not the one in the middle where I met(Ooops! I forgot his name. I can only recall his blog Anyway, he was nice and talked about our blogs and of course we must admit, we were one of those hopefuls to win that Ipad or itouch.

After decorating the cake, they served us our dinner. It was my favorite laing and their best-seller lumpia, pancit and rice. Softdrinks and their Almond Lychee Popz were also served to quench our thirst.*DYC, Decorate-Your-Cake!;)

They start the awarding by showing us a glimpse of how Goldilocks humble beginning and how far it has become now. There were photo booth, fun games like best cake design and trivia games about Goldilocks. Our group were eliminated at the second question. Winners received some tokens from Goldilocks.

*raise your answer

*the question that declares the winner, ANSWER is B!

My heart was beating so fast as they were about to reveal the winners. But unfortunately I didn't win. But its OK, because I had fun and I met new friends. I even met personally some bloggers I only new online. Besides we didn't go home empty-handed because they gave us some Goldilocks goodies
Winners were awarded by cool peeps from Goldilocks and a TV personality, Mr. Edward Mendez.

by the way, here is my entry, "Pagbabago".

Category Winners are...

Most Eloquent Blog

Most Creative
Ms. Vivian

Biggest Change
Marian Jane (She wasn't able to attend the event)

*Kcat, the grand prize winner during her acceptance speech

And of course the Grand winner who made us all emotional and teary-eyed, KCAT. The "lakwatsera and fashionistang pilay, chismosang bingi" as her mother described her. Her story is the most touching and inspiring among all the entries. I admire her courage and strength despite the trials that she is still fighting until now. Kcat, I have to thank you for sharing your amazing story and you really enlightened me!

*Kcat's mom while telling her daughter's inspiring story

*Pagbabago winners, Goldilocks Team, and Edward Mendez

*Team Goldilocks-Shaw Blvd.

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  1. Hi! Nice entry.. I've read your pagbabago story too.. i'm sure your dad is proud to have a son like you when he was still alive and up until eternity.. I bet he's bragging about it in heaven.. Haha. ;P Take care & God bless!

  2. thank you so much . . . this may be God's purpose for Kcat, to share HIS works on her. and it's always our pleasure to serve our purpose.

  3. thank you so much!it'always our pleasure to share God's work on Kcat. This may be God's purpose on her, and I believe she amazingly doing it great.
    She is God's gift to all of us...

    madge lopez yarza

  4. hey thank you so much too bad i wasn't there u guys looked like u had so much fun:) i'm still waiting 4 them to ship my prize though i'm so excited.:)

  5. @tacK, Thank you so much for reading my post...That's so sweet of you saying those words!!!

    @madge yarza, you are so true madge!

    @marian,Congrats and thanks for dropping by my blog!!!

  6. ibang iba talaga ang goldilocks!!!!! your'e the one goldilocks!!!!

  7. youre the one GOLDILOCKS...........ILOVE IT....


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