Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MUZIKADEMY by Janice Hung

I once dreamt of becoming famous in the music scene but unfortunately I don't have the voice like Josh Groban, Usher or Christian Bautista. I cant play any music instrument. I failed to learn the guitar. So I focus by composing poems and songs but the big problem is that I don't know who will put a melody into it. tsk! tsk! tsk!

Here's the example of my composition..

Am I Waiting in Vain?

Its not easy to pretend
how much i love you
sometimes i wish to end
the feeling that i have for you

I’m always here waiting
for the perfect time
for your way of caring
which i thought forever mine

Will your heart trust me
or just hide and leave me
Is your love forever a reality
or just a huge fantasy?

This is just one of the shortest composition I have. So when I heard of MUZIKADEMY by Janice Hung, I kind of think that this is now my chance. Want to know more about MUZIKADEMY? Click MUZIKADEMY

MUZIKADEMY- is a gathering of innovative souls from the music industry with the prime objective of discovering future music magnets and ingenious composers. The event will certainly generate and enhance musical awareness and better appreciation of Philippine Music among the younger generation by developing out-of-school youth and college students to become total performers through a dynamic training that will prepare them to the alluring world of music.

This event is organized and pioneered by Ms. Janice Hung, a wushu champion, actress, model and acoustic singer, co-presented by FONTANA HOT SPRING and LEISURE PARKS in cooperation with the SUMMA-HANA Arts and Language Foundation Inc. and JHAS Foundation, Inc, both non-stock and non-profit organizations devoted to the promotion, development and support of the arts.

In line with this, MUZIKADEMY will search the Philippines for out of school youth and college students with musical talents to be our SCHOLARS in our 2-day music camp which will be held on November 26-27 at FONTANA Hot Spring and Leisure Parks, Freeport zone, Pampanga. This 2-day music camp will include various activities designed to enhance the participants’ realization of their limitless possibilities to become world class performers such as by enhancing their musical ability and teaching them how to package themselves to become marketable not only in the Philippines, but globally. The workshop will culminate with a concert where our scholars would be performing with our very own world-recognized local celebrities.

The MUZIKADEMY offers an opportunity for self-discovery and learning. Music educators, artists, and the youth will interact and exchange views through the magic of lyrics, rhythm and symphonies. Through our concerted efforts, we can transform this vision into reality. Through the MUZIKADEMY the participants, through their music, will also hopefully be able to express themselves and their advocacies for a better future.

JOIN THE CONTEST NOW and WIN Php 100,000.00 worth of cash and prizes

Send your demo cd.

For more details :

log on to or call 4194443 or text 09275900739.

E-mail us at

You may find this link useful..

More of Janice Hung and contest mechanics?

For Blog Contest?

Did I forget to mention the prize for the MUZIKADEMY BLOG CONTEST?Its after a jump..


1ST Prize- Php 2,000.00 cash

- 2 night accommodation good for 4 persons at Fontana on Nov.26-27

- 10 MUZIKADEMY concert tickets

- 3,000 worth of Gift Certificate from DENTAL FIRST

- 1 Accel Bag

2nd Prize

- 2 night accommodation good for 2 persons at Fontana on Nov.26-27

- 5 MUZIKADEMY concert tickets

- 2,000 worth of Gift Certificates from DENTAL FIRST

3rd Prize

- 2 night accommodation good for 2 persons at Fontana on Nov.26-27

- 2 MUZIKADEMY concert tickets

- 1,000 worth of Gift Certificates from DENTAL FIRST

Go start your way to STARDOM...

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