Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 Years of Science Journey

Today marks my 3rd year journey as a Planetarium Control Operator in the premiere science center in the country. I'm very much happy with the prestige it has to bring.

"The Pioneer and the Longest in Service "DIGISTAR" Planetarium Operator in the Philippines"

Amazing huh!?
But it is not just the prestige. It is all about the memories I had in the past three years that made my journey uncomparable. And the people I have meet along the way that added a spice and happiness to that journey makes this chapter of my life even more sweet. They are people I have been hanging out with since God-knows-when.

Thank you Science Discovery Center for this great science journey
Thank you friends and colleagues for taking part in this..
Thank you guests, students, teachers for visiting and spending a lil time to learn and enjoy...


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