Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Travel Safe and Light? (Our Experience)

Nature tripping is one of the best way to relax and escape from the tiring and hassles of city life. That's the reason why whenever my friends and I find some time, we definitely try to go for some adventure outside the metro. And of course, we always prioritize our safety and convenience.

TRIPOD at the shoreline of Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

At the peak of Mt. Gulugod-baboy, Batangas

GO Leslie!

Speaking of safety and convenience, backpack is one of those that provides these during your trip for obviously, this is where all your stuffs home. It is necessary for all the travelers to choose the best or the appropriate backpack to be used. I was reading some travel blogs last time and I found out that Pacsafe provides slashproof and and other anti-theft security features. VentureSafe 20L Adventure Daypack catches my attention which is perfect for our out-of-town trip this month in the becoming popular destination in Zambales, Anawangin Cove.

Check out Pacsafe’s superior features:

* eXomesh® Slashguard in front, side and bottom panels
* Slashproof adjustable shoulder straps
* Snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture
* Tamperproof zippers
* Zippered main compartment and front pocket
* Side mesh fabric water bottle pockets
* Padded adjustable shoulder straps and sternum strap
* Padded air mesh back support
* Side compression straps

Another Bag that hits my interest is the Slingsafe 200 Anti-Theft Sling Purse which is a versatile shoulder bag that is very appropriate for a short day trips that can accomodate all your important stuffs. Aside from its security features, it has a headphone port. Its perfect because aside from sight-seeing, I love listening to my playlist during the travel.

Slingsafe 200 Anti-Theft Sling Purse is a versatile and lightweight shoulder bag with 4 anti-theft features. Great for short day trips without weighing you down with excess gear. What makes it different? It has slashguard in front panel and Slashproof adjustable shoulder strap. Snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture – Tamperproof concealed safety hook secures front flap, main compartment and zippers – Main zippered compartment – Internal snug-fitting mobile phone / PDA / digital camera / mp3 player pocket – Internal back wall zippered pocket – Front zippered pocket – Rear slip pocket – Headphone port

For all the beginners, here are some of the other useful tips that might help you guys whenever you go out-of-town. These are all based from our experiences, so I guaranteed you, this would be a great help.


Create a checklist of the things that you will need. Its hard to get one if you left something you will need the most during the trip.

Know how long the trip is for you to know how much money you will be needing and how many pairs of clothes you will be using.

Try to minimize the things that you will be bringing. Just put in your bags the most important and the most useful ones only. Try to avoid bringing so much clothes and accessories. Have a pouch bag for your toiletries so that it will not scatter in your bag.

Instead of folding your clothes, it is better to roll it before putting it in your bags. Rolling the clothes saves space.

Dont forget to bring first aid kit and other medicines.

If you think you are going to spend a night in an unfamiliar place, dont forget to bring flashlight and insect repellants. If possible, dont forget to bring jacket/jogging pants/socks to protect yourself from cold weather and insect bites.

You can also bring some plastic bags where you can put your stuffs just in case the heavy rain pours. Plastic bags can also be used to place all your trash to maintain the cleanliness of the place.

Become knowledgeable of the place. There are hundreds of blogs and experiences of some people in the internet that you can read.

Let your family or guardians know where you are going.

Bring an ID everywhere and anywhere you go. And if any, dont forget to bring your Health Card just in case of emergency.

Be updated with the weather forecast. Its important to take a weather check before going anywhere.

Its OK to be excited, but have atleast enough sleep/rest a night before your trip.


Wear on the proper attire when swimming. Dont forget to apply waterproof sunscreen atleast 20 mins before you swim.

First Time - Feet First Rule. Dont just take the plunge to avoid any accident. Dont dive into unfamiliar waters. You'll never know how deep or shallow the water is.

Never swim alone. As much as possible, swim in a group. So that there is someone to help you if you get into difficulty. Remember that "even good swimmers drown."

Make sure you always have enough energy to swim back shore.

Beware of fog. Its easy to lose sight of the shore and get lost in the dense fog.

If a lightning storm is starting, DONT SWIM. Its an electrifying experience you want to avoid. Stop swimming at the first indication of a bad weather.

Be careful of being entangled in seaweeds when swimming. Try not to kick when in seaweeds as it tends to wrap around your legs.

If its your first time in the place, do not swim faraway from the shore, know never know what might happen next. It is important to wear a life vest for your safety.

Never turn your back to the ocean/sea. You may be swept off by strong waves that come without warning.

Dont swim when you are already drunk.

Learn atleast the basic of giving CPR.


Be polite and show respect to the people you will meet along the way especially the locals.

If possible take a tour guide with you. So that you will not get lost. You wouldnt want to end up walking whole day circling the areas that are virtually uninhabited.

Let other people or especially the authorities know your going up the mountain. There are some places that requires registration before you go mountain climbing. Dont take it for granted, its for your safety.

Firts time hikers must be wary most of dehydration and heatstroke. Drink and bring atleast plenty of water.

Wear sneakers or hiking sandals instead of rubber slippers. Some parts may be slippery and the proper footwear will give you more convenience and safety.

Opt to wear light cotton shirts instead of heavy fabrics. For some its better to wear shorts, but cargo pants or jogging pants are better suited for areas that have higher weed growth and mosquito infestation.

Respect the place. Maintain the cleanliness and natural beauty, avoid vandalism and burning.

Here are some other important things you shoudnt miss to bring:

enough water
Sunscreen/insect repellant
first aid kit/medicines
tent (if you want to stay overnight)
plastic bags (for your trash)

Have a safe trip. Enjoy!

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