Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dia Frampton Sings "Heartless" in The Voice

Dia wowed the judges and viewers in her great rendition of Kanye West "Heartless" last Tuesday. In white dress and sitting comfortably at a piano Dia Frampton earned so much respect and approval from the judges.

These were the judges words:

"That was the most refreshing, unique thing I've seen on this show so far, It was such an incredible idea."
- Adam Levine

"That's probably the greatest rendition of a song I've ever heard, I think that was great. Kanye would definitely be proud."
- Cee Lo Green

"I definitely wasn't expecting that from you, Tonight, I saw the fighter in you come out."
- Christina Aguilera

"This is my favorite moment of 'The Voice,'" he said. "Because the for the first time, America has gotten to see Dia Frampton do what Dia Frampton does."
Blake Shelton

According to The Voice's website, Dia Frampton is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from St. George. She is half Korean and half Dutch. Dia also writes novels and children's books. Dia is in Blake's Team.

Watch Dia Frampton's Performance. Video by thevoicefans

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