Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Out. Get Fit. Be Active. Live LOUD!

What makes me LOUD?


No! Seriously, I find traveling as an exciting way of learning. Every travel I made is a learning experience for me to know information not written in the books or shown in television. Its my best way to gain information which I can share to others because I personally experienced it. In every travel I make sure that I will discover new things, things beyond the knowledge I have in my mind. But perhaps the most rewarding part of traveling is when you understand and experience for yourself other Philippine culture and traditions. Because I believed that keen understanding of other people's tradition is the highest form of respect you can give them and your country.

Meeting new people is another reason why I would like to travel. Knowing their beliefs and thoughts is one of the most interesting way to learn.

I also consider traveling as my outlet to let go of my burdens and stresses in life. A way to look for solace after difficulties and trials. A perfect way to meditate or think of things that I should prioritize. For me, moving away from the usual place you are in helps us to balance our decisions or outlook in life.

Another reason why I love to travel is that I will be able to fill my gastronomic pleasure. It is the chance for me to taste the food I haven't seen or eaten normally.

And of course, I travel because I love to seek some adventure. Philippines is composed of 7107 islands. It only means that there are a lot to discover. Everywhere you go, there is something awaits you, all you need to do is to look for it.

So "Why travel?"

...to learn new things
...to expose oneself with new culture and traditions
...to medidate
...to meet people of different personalities
...to explore the beauty of our environment
...to fulfill gastronomic pleasure and lastly
...to capture precious moments:)

"It doesn't matter how near or far we go, as long as we are enjoying every journey and we are learning from it, that is the best reward we can get in every travel that we make."

Go Out. Get Fit. Be Active. Live LOUD!

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