Sunday, July 13, 2008

What do you think would make you happy for the rest of your life?

What do you think would make you happy for the rest of your life?

Luxury living, latest gadgets, multi-million bank account, expensive fancy cars, hectares of land, mansions, different properties, travels abroad, well-managed businesses, or a simple living with your love ones, a simple home enough for the size of your family, you eat atleast three times a day, few possessions, or to have your dreams fulfilled, or it could be power? These are some of the things we want to have. And believe me, there are still more to be included.
Oftentimes, we associate happiness to material things or worldly possessions without even thinking that it could mislead us to what will really makes us happy. We never think that those things will be gone eventually because they are not permanent. Say, you have the latest and the most expensive cellular phones. Its the one that people are craving for but only few can have. Luckily, you're one of them, people always look at it whenever you use it. You feel very proud but unfortunately it slips in your pocket or someone steal it from you without even knowing or a new brand was launched which is more trendy and full of hi-tech features. Material things can give happiness but its only for a short time.

We even think that power can give us an uncomparable happiness. Its a mentality that somehow makes you think to be the most famous above all. You have in control of your everything. But sometimes, being greed or overuse of power or authority can give enormous and painful output. We do not notice that we can hurt someone. As a result, people around us might probably curse us or worst than that, just stab us. Power tripping is never good all the time.

In our life, we are always searching for the things we want. We are not content with what we have. And for us, happiness is fulfilling our needs without even noticing that we are starting to become greedy and selfish. Its very common that we always do the ways just to have what we want. We even sacrifice our self or even the persons around us. We risk everything , as in everything, without even thinking if we are hurting someone. We are beginning to become unfair and unjust. And once you already have the things you are dreaming, do you think you will become happy if your friends doent know you and the people you love doesnt care about you anymore? Do not wonder if one morning you wake up, and all of them were gone.
I will just leave this cliche, "nothing can make you happy if you really dont know what will make you happy "

Thursday, July 03, 2008, 12:10:21 PM

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