Monday, April 1, 2013

Survival Science: TMM's Summer Program for 2013

With rapid urbanization and an increased dependence on technology, the Survival Science Summer Program aims to promote the awareness and appreciation of the natural environment through lessons in science and practical survival skills. Engage in “tribe-building” activities including interactive lectures on biodiversity and guided practical tests on hunting and gathering for food, fire and shelter to name a few. 

JEST Camp Subic is the first survival school in the Philippines and has been offering Survival Certification Courses since 1963.

April 12, 8am - 5pm at The Mind Museum
April 13, 6am - April 14, 6pm at JEST Camp Subic
for ages 14-17
Requested donation per participant: Php 3,000
 Deadline for enrollment is on April 8, Monday.

To enroll, kindly send an email to with the following details:

Subject of email: Survival Science Program Sign-up

Email text:
Name of participant/s:
Age of participant/s:
Contact number and email of participant/s:
Name of parent/guardian:
Contact number and email of parent/guardian:  

CSI 101, April 5-7
Junior Mind Mover (JMM) Program, April 16 - May16

To see the complete list of Summer Programs, click here:

*all the information and photos  that appear in this post are from The Mind Museum

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