Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get Free Ticket to Maroon 5 Concert from JBL Multimedia Speakers

Everyone is getting crazy as "the day" is fast approaching. Oh yeah, I'm referring to the much awaited concert of Maroon Five. But what sadden most of us, including "ME" is the fact that I can't afford the ticket price. It is quite expensive, but course being  Maroon 5 as the performer, I am sure all the money you are going to burn is all worth it. I have also seen most netizen entering and competing in some online contests for the chance of winning that precious ticket of seeing the band. But recently, I have seen another way on how you can grab a ticket. JBL Multimedia Speakers is giving away tickets to all who would purchase JBL products. Its pretty easy folks, you get a JBL products you also have a Maroon 5 ticket all at the same time without any hassle, Cool right!?. See the complete promo mechanics below. 

Buy any of the selected JBL Multimedia Speakers (from Manila retailers) and get a Maroon 5 concert ticket for FREE!

Promo Mechanics
• Get a FREE Maroon 5 concert ticket* with every purchase of any of the selected JBL products 

*Selected products valid for the promo and bundled ticket equivalent:

JBL OnStage 200iD or JBL OnTime Micro = One (1) General Admission ticket

JBL OnStage IV or JBL On Air Wireless = One (1) Upper Box B ticket

• Customers shall be provided with a claim voucher together with the offical receipt (OR) upon purchase (Both the voucher and the OR must be presented to claim the ticket)
• All tickets can be claimed at the Ticketnet, Yellow Gate of Araneta Coliseum, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
• Claiming of tickets is until 9:00PM of September 17, 2012
• Unclaimed tickets after the given claiming period are non-refundable


You may also follow them on facebook, just type in the search bar the words "JBL Multimedia Speakers" then LIKE their page. Or you may click this link.

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* The information and photo that appear in this post is from JBL Multimedia Speaker. You may follow them on facebook for more exciting updates.

*Contest link here. 

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