Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Mindburst : Let's Get Physic-Al

For most of us, Physics seems to be one of the hardest subjects in school. Many students thought that it is all about long and complicated computations.  I remember when I was studying, my heart was always pounding whenever my teacher or professor asked me to solve a problem during our recitation. But the joy I felt is priceless and incomparable whenever I understand and solve problem correctly (it only happened a few times though, haha!). This month of August, The Mind Museum will take you to an experience of understanding Physics in more understandable and fun way as Mindburst presents "Let's get Physic-al, Physics for All". In this event you will learn the practical use and importance of understanding Physics in our everyday life.

Below are the line-up of activities:

August 19 (Sunday)

Mechanics: Physics behind Physical Fitness
10:00 - 11:30am
Physics of Fitness with Coach Jim SaretPinoy Biggest Loser's Health Coach
Limited Slots Only

Let's Talk!
Stability of structures and the Physics behind bridges

Pasta Bridge Making Contest*
Bridge making contest with nothing but pasta and glue!
First 10 groups of 3-4pax to sign-up shall be accommodated.

August 26 (Sunday)

Light, Color and the Physics of Vision
Let's Talk!
Physics and Light

The Experiment Circus
An afternoon filled with science experiments

Watch out for RING SHOWS every hour for special experiments.

Ticket Price:
Museum All-day Pass plus Mind Burst Ticket - Php750*
Mind Burst ticket only - Php150*

*Valid for 1 day only
Limited slots at the gate.

Book now!
For inquiries, email:
Call them at: 909-MIND (909-6463)

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