Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America is my Icon of A Modern Hero

Captain America is my Icon of A Modern Hero

Real heroes are noble and sublime. They are those who fight to whatever they believe is right without even taking or asking for anything in return. They always take into consideration the safety of every individual around them. Their lives are always at risk, always in danger. But they do not care for as long as they are doing it for the sake of everyone.

If only possible to have Captain America in real life, I would appeal to him to help us solve the never ending peace and order problem in Mindanao. I would ask him to help Darna and other pinoy super heroes to joined force and battle it out to achieve peace and security without letting blood to flow and cause devastation of innocent lives and properties. Just with their super powers I know they will be able to control any armors, guns and bombs. But unfortunately, Captain America is just a fictional character. The only thing that we can do is to make him an icon to look forward that there are still reason for us to have a safety living. A character that will serve as our inspiration to hope for a better future.

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