Monday, January 19, 2009

another walk in the park...

Just last night, jan 18, which happens to be my brother John's 21st birthday, we had our so-called "another walk in the park" (well, i got that line from GIE). We went to Luneta Park and Intramuros. Sounds funny to other's ears but we really had fun. I really want to go there simply because i've never been there, except in Intramuros (WOW PHILIPPINES) during our tour when i was in high school. But to go around the walled city, naaaah!not yet!

The gang toured me around Luneta where we had taken a lot of pictures everywhere... The only thing i regret is that we we're not able to enter some site coz its already close that time..(sana maaga kame nakapunta!!!)

btw,, our group is composed of gie, arvin jean, cecille, leslie, celliene, na ng-undertime pa para makasama'''the new group of sdc...hahahaha

We're not able to enter the walled city coz its only until 6pm,,,huhuhu..
but we also had a lot of pictures, specially me!hehehe

the best part was when we ate our favorite street foods which i havent tasted for quite awhile..and then we just sat around the :Liwasang Bonifacio near MAnila City Hall...

we're planning to go back to visit the whole Intramuros, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, Manila Zoo etc..

we really had fun without spending a lot. trip doesnt needs to be expensive di ba...

till nxt time....

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